Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wildlife Zoo and Aquarium

Yesterday we decided to go to the Wildlife Zoo and Aquarium. I have been wanting to take the kids since I got a coupon in the Savvy Shopper. It is pretty far away so I've been putting off taking the kids but at the last minute we decided to go. The kids had a great time. They had so much fun petting sting rays,sea urchins, and starfish. They got to see an assortment of sea life and zoo animals. This zoo is pretty neat because they are dedicated to rescuing animals and releasing them back into their habitat. I was really impressed with how clean the zoo was and how friendly the staff was. I also enjoyed seeing many animals and sea life that we normally don't get to see here in AZ. I took some pics with my cell phone because once again we forgot the camera so a lot of the pics aren't that great I apologize.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

9 Months Old

This cute little monster is 9 months old and getting so big. Some of the things he has been doing since 6 months old is crawl, pull himself up to stand, walks the furniture, and has been balancing himself in mid air. He is very close to walking we will see what happens. I hate when they first start walking it is so scary. Anyways, I took Lucas to the Dr. Today for his 9 month checkup and these are his stats

Head 17.5 inches I think they said 25% to 35%

Weight 18.5LBS I think they also said 25%

Height 28.25 inches 55%