Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Yesterday I had an ultrasound and we are having a GIRL! We are so excited. Chad thought we were having another boy and he is normally right so he was pretty shocked to find out we were having a girl. I get my 20 week ultrasound in a couple of weeks when I get back from AZ but I wanted to let everyone in my family know what I was having before we came to AZ. I will post ultrasound pics when I get my 20 week ultrasound because the pic I got isn't very good so stay tuned.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lucas 18 month Well Exam

18 Month Stats

Length 32 inches 50 Percentile

Weight 23lbs 25th Percentile

I love this little boy so much. He is such a momma's boy which is sometimes frustrating but I know he will grow out of it and I will miss him wanting me all the time so I will take it for now. He brings so much joy and happiness into our home. He is the biggest sweetheart.